Le Petit Prince is turning 75 years old, «a nice birthday to launch a collection of children’s eyeglass frames »

Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince), a philosophical tale and masterpiece of Antoine de Saint Exupéry, has over time become a worldwide phenomenon with 200 million copies sold, and translations into more than 400 languages and dialects.

This transgenerational work, which power lies in its different reading angle depending on the age, is nowadays available in an amusement park in France, a theme park in South Korea, a museum in Japan, and more than 10,000 derivative products.

On the occasion of its 75th anniversary, Le Petit Prince will now be offered as an optical collection for children developed by Leyesens, which is now one of the 200 licensed companies of the famous character with golden hair.

If you have the new Le Petit Prince eyeglass frames Choose the association for which you want us to donate 1 Euro for you

Fondation Antoine de Saint Exupéry

True to the spirit of the French author and aviator who defended a society based on respect for humankind, cultural diversity, cooperation, commitment and individual responsibility, the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation carries out various projects around the world to improve the everyday lives of youth and to help them attain better futures.


Petit cœur de beurre

Petit Coeur de Beurre is an association that supports people born with congenital heart disease. Heart disease is a medical word for people who are born with a malformation of the heart. This concerns 1 in 100 children! Thanks to you, we can improve the lives of hospitalized children, for example:

  • Activities for hospitalized children (magician, storyteller …)
  • Purchase of accompanying chair beds (so that the parent can sleep next to their child in the hospital, to tell them stories and to comfort them)

Thanks for your support !


Ténaka/My Coral Garden

Ténaka / My Coral Garden is an association that offers you to plant your own Corals to save the Oceans and support the communities that depend on them! By planting your Coral.


Water Family

The Water Family – From the Flake to the Wave association’s mission is to educate about the protection of water, health and the planet. Since 2009, she has been developing comprehensive educational programs for schools, businesses and events. All with a positive education approach and the promotion of good practices!